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Body Massage at My Radian Spa Delhi

Do you want to have perfect body contours, remove cellulite in problem areas or increase skin elasticity? My radian Spa body massage performed by professional masters will help you achieve incredible results.

Physical activity and proper nutrition are important conditions for maintaining harmony. However, there are places on the body in which excess calories and fat deposits are deposited, despite the observance of these conditions. In this case, corrective (modeling) massage will come to the rescue. This is a special technique for manually affecting problem areas, aimed at reducing the volume of subcutaneous fat. Intensive movements destroy lipid cells, stimulate blood flow, the removal of toxins, toxins and products of “decay”.

Using a modeling massage, you can adjust the contours of the body in places where, as a rule, fat accumulates, in the areas of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, sides, forearm, knees. The first results are noticeable after two or three procedures – the volumes will begin to decrease, the figure will take on a more accurate shape, the skin will become sagging: it will become more firm and elastic.

My Radian Spa, one of the most popular health spa in delhi near IGI Airport Delhi, is a completely new, individual and comprehensive approach to massage techniques, which is based on the painlessness and systematic nature of each movement. The procedure is carried out in the spa – center of the My Radian Spa.

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